Industries that Use Metal-Fabricated Products

Metal fabrication is the process of transforming raw metals into ready-to-assemble shapes. For example, the panels that make up an automobile's frame are created using custom metal fabrication processes, typically performed at a fabrication facility and then shipped to an auto assembly plant

Fremont, CA: Metal plays an important role in how people operate in every household and workplace. Metal is the stabilizing element that allows all of today's conveniences to be possible, from appliances and light fixtures to desk tools, chairs, and utensils.

The metal fabrication subsector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, includes the following industries:


Manufacturing of Architectural and Structural Metals Fabricated metals are used in this industry to construct the structures of both large and small buildings. Structural beams made of fabricated metals have made it easier to erect buildings from the ground up to completion in record time in the construction of modern skyscrapers. Most importantly, fabricated metals make buildings more structurally sound and fire-resistant.

Manufacturing of boilers, tanks, and shipping containers. Metal is used in almost every aspect of the shipping industry, from the assembly parts that make up a ship to the fasteners that hold everything together. Furthermore, the shipping industry is involved in transporting untold tonnes of manufactured goods.

Hand Tools and Hardware

Manufacturing of hardware. If manufacturers could not fabricate metals for all hardware components, computers would never have spread nearly as far and wide as they have. Metal fabrication has kept computer systems strong enough for home and office use for almost four decades, from rugged drive enclosures to metals used on motherboards, modems, monitors, and computer cases.

HVAC Industry: the manufacture of heating and cooling equipment

Metal fabrication processes enable the ling industry. These processes result in standard and specialized ductwork and various HVAC accessories.