How Metal Cutting Machines Help in the Manufacturing Process of Hardware Parts

How Metal Cutting Machines Help in the Manufacturing Process of Hardware Parts

In a metal cutting process, it is necessary to analyze and optimize the workpiece, working conditions, tools, and other factors to achieve a suitable method with stable quality. 

FREMONT, CA: A thorough study of factors is needed while cutting hardware components. A reliable cutting process can be designed using a strict process flow to manufacture consistent quality hardware components.

How to choose the machine tool equipment for manufacturing hardware parts?

While using a CNC machine tool to make parts, there are usually two situations. There is a part pattern and a blank in the first scenario, and the CNC machine tool that is appropriate for the part should be chosen.

Top 10 Metal Fabrication Equipment Companies - 2020In the second case, a CNC machine tool already exists, and parts that are ideal for the machine tool must be chosen. The key factors to consider in either case are the semi-finished product's material and part contour complexity, size, accuracy, number of parts, heat treatment specifications, and many more.

The manufacturing process of hardware workpiece cutting technology

As people's expectations for metal products are becoming more dynamic, increasing demands for metal-cutting technology will also start growing. When producing hardware workpieces, it's essential to choose and develop technologically sophisticated, cost-effective, secure, and dependable process plans depending on the factory's equipment and staff's actual conditions so that the workpieces fulfill the technical aspects described in the design drawings.

How to select the manufacturing process of hardware parts?

The steps for choosing a part's manufacturing method are as follows:

1.Process analysis of CNC parts

Since numerical control technology analysis includes a broad range of topics, companies evaluate it from usability and simplicity.

2.Determining the CNC process method

Selection of process method: The selection principle of the process method guarantees that the conditions related to surface accuracy and roughness are achieved.

Principles of plan determination: The craftsmanship of the more detailed surface on the parts is often accomplished gradually by rough work, semi-precision, and precision.

3.The CNC process steps are determined

The route is defined as the path of the CNC tool's location relative to the workpiece.

4.The selection of high-speed cutting oil

Cutting standards, the precision of cutting equipment, the quality of workpiece materials, and the consistency of cutting oil are all factors that influence ultra-high-speed cutting accuracy. In metal cutting technology, how to choose cutting oil is also crucial.

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