How Does IoT Drive the Metals and Mining Industry?

Almost all industries have adopted IoT in recent years. Let's have a look at how IoT is helping the metals and mining industry.

FREMONT, CA: The IoT is a system that connects the physical world with the digital one. By allowing an in-depth and proactive analysis, as well as predictive, of possible scenarios, IoT through digital twins systems is tested remotely, to safeguard the lives of operators in real contexts. When an incident happens, it is necessary to know the position and number of employees that are involved, notably in circumstances where there is still a lot of illegal labor. A possible mechanical failure in a plant that lives in regions deep in the ground, which can cause real disasters.

Besides the mining industry is presented with sensors, long before they became fundamental for the 4.0 industry sector, systems are now old. These old systems are because of the continuous technological discoveries like a very common Wi-Fi network is very challenging to install in underground environments, where the space for equipment is limited.

Open-pit mines still design environments that are unfriendly to IT equipment. Therefore, bringing innovation, through IoT and intelligent sensors, in this sector, can only begin from machines, mechanical environments, and then spread to the workforce.

Through the use of wearable technologies, like the heart rate monitors with GPS tracking capabilities, the mining industry can now detect if employees are fatigued. Enhancing the working conditions and productivity in the industry like the sensors, designed for air monitoring, will allow more dynamic shifts and work sessions.

Security is precise because it is inserted in critical infrastructure. This becomes fundamental, precisely to create an adequate barrier from cyber attacks, minimizing attack surfaces, which live outside the defense firewalls, prepared by the organization, and giving a continuous and constant collaboration with internal IT teams, dedicated to planting security.

The IoT is continually evolving, represents a unique competitive advantage for organizations, as well as an essential resource management tool, that will minimize the operational losses and significantly increase the production efficiency.

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