How Digitalization is Reshaping the Mining Industry

The mining industry is using digital technologies like artificial intelligence and drones so that they can improve certain areas like safety, sustainability, and performance.

FREMONT, CA: The age-old mining industry is finally witnessing some significant transformation. It is reducing the image of dirt covered miners in the dark with the help of new digitalized technologies. The new technologies like automation, AR, artificial intelligence, and VR are changing the mining industry rapidly. It also helps them improve specific fields in the industry like safety, sustainability, performance, and expense.

Drones are utilized for taking aerial pictures that are packed with data to the pixel, trucks are becoming driverless, sensors can monitor the smallest change in airflow, and equipment can be maintained remotely. Such technologies are rapidly changing the mining industry.

Today the mining industry is more prepared to provide a changed and dynamic mining ecosystem, which refers to productivity, mining safety, and efficiency. It is also ready to meet the increasing customer expectation and global sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mines

In the mining industry, artificial intelligence has become a significant part of recent years. It has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry, along with maintaining its environmental concerns.

Moreover, in the mining sector, AI is also utilized to perform tasks that were earlier conducted by humans. With AI, they also have machine learning. The machines can take data from this technology and learn from it to execute a connected task. Such connected processes offer a systematic and intelligent response to the data gathered from the algorithms.

The mining industry is using AI in mineral processing and exploration. It helps the miners accurately map and predict the areas to mine with the help of predictive analytics and pattern matching even before breaking any ground. Therefore, such technologies can be used to reduce expenses and increase efficiency.

Drone Use in Mining

Drones have become one of the popular autonomous technologies used in the mining industry. For the companies in the mining industry, it is necessary to have appropriate geospatial data for optimizing the management of the site.

Therefore, drones can be one of the most efficient tools that can be used for sourcing this data. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have a camera that can capture a site's image from various angles during an automated flight.

Photogrammetry software can transform such georeferenced images into an accurate 3D copy of the site. These 3D images will help the companies perform site surveys, design road layouts, track inventory, blast planning, optimize traffic, and optimize collaboration.