How Can Value Analysis/ Value Engineering Help Reduce Production Cost

V.A.V.E. can be used for reducing cost and increase value for the consumers while delivering the components with the best quality.

FREMONT, CA: Value Analysis/ Value Engineering (V.A.V.E.) can reduce costs and increase value for the consumers while producing the assemblies and components. For companies, it is essential to practice this exercise mainly when working with a manufacturing partner because products are manufactured in large quantities. Therefore, if they can save any amount from their expense in the manufacturing stages, it can generate a considerable amount of savings in the lifecycle of a product.

Many times V.A.V.E. is also merged with several other manufacturing principles like D.F.M.A. (Design for manufacture and assembly) so that it develops the product in its design phase ahead of production. Several manufacturing partners might also propose different solutions for attaining the requirements of the customers. For instance, there can be devices designed to create particular forms when they are utilized with a punch or press brake. The system may increase the consumer's expense, but it can lead to more significant savings in the long run, with its improved efficiency and decreased processing.

How does V.A.V.E. work?

The electrical enclosure box that has been featured in some company's V.A.V.E. video can be an excellent example of Value Engineering at work. The companies could suggest several designs that have not only enhanced the functions of the product and decreased the cost for the customer because they worked closely with the customer and outset.

By applying the principles of D.F.M.A. in the design, the companies have decreased the quantity of processing that is necessary while manufacturing. Furthermore, in some of the cases, the amount of processing was erased.

How can V.A.V.E. Save Money?

The experienced NPI and engineering teams have vast knowledge about accurate sheet metal fabrication. They can also work with every customer so that they can value engineer their products whenever necessary. In most cases, according to the manufacturers, the customers are not aware of the alternate method that can be applied.

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