How Can Drones Be Beneficial in Mining?

How Can Drones Be Beneficial in Mining?

Drones are not only safe flights but are also more cost-effective than any of the traditional methods. Besides, it also helps in capturing data at a superior level of precision.

FREMONT, CA: In recent times, nearly every mining company has recognized the value of augmenting its planning and operations with the help of drones. Drone flights can capture more topographical data in a day than a man surveying on foot can in a week. The only option is to fly a helicopter or human-crewed aircraft on top of the mining site, but it will cost thousands of dollars for each flight. 

Superior Safety:

Drones typically perform the tasks that humans do singlehandedly, but with a lot of risks. Let that be a trek through mountainous terrain or climbing a stockpile to read the measurements; such activities pose severe threats of injury to the person. With the help of drones, workers no longer have to be exposed to any such hazards of deceitful terrain and deeply forested areas. Since, surveying those areas are essential, workers can inspect the operation site by sending in drones that can reduce the scope of mishaps and get the work done faster.

Faster and Recurring Surveys:

With the help of simple GPS-guided navigation, drone pilots can aim for the destination, and the drone will start traveling toward it. By implementing drones, the drone pilots can focus on recognizing the hazards in their environment and capture necessary stills for photogrammetry. With the help of mapping software, professional drone mappers define the boundaries of the potential area and enable the software to fly the drone.

Automation, on the other hand, allows drone pilots to save flight parameters and preserve them for the next time to carry out repeat surveys. It is essential as the company might re-conduct the regular surveys over a location. Having the importation stored to perform repeatable surveys, workers must ensure that they are collecting data from the exact areas of the previous studies.

Data Accuracy:

In the era of HD cameras and sophisticated LiDAR sensors, drones can record data that is far more accurate than any of the ground-based surveying techniques. Precision relies on the type of technology the company is implementing. Photogrammetry, a simple mapping method, can record accuracy of up to 1 meter, and LiDAR sensors can improve the same reading to up to 1 centimeter. When it comes to maintaining an accurate inventory of the stockpiles, technology can certainly help the mining companies.

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