How Artificial Intelligence is Benefitting the Mining Industry

How Artificial Intelligence is Benefitting the Mining Industry

Artificial intelligence can be used in the mining industry as it will create a safe environment for the employees and increase their efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: In the mining industry, accidents can occur if the mining area's condition and nature are severe. However, it is possible to decrease the dangers and hazards related to mining with the help of technologies. Artificial intelligence is one of the primary technologies that can be utilized.

However, to increase the mining industry's health and safety standards, steps are being taken, and it is slowly improving. In the past few years, the number of accidents has also reduced due to the increasing implementation of technologies. But the industry still requires more improvement, and there are numerous ways in which AI can help them to decrease accidents and make mining safer.

One of the most critical ways in which AI has enhanced the health and safety of mining is by tackling the fatigue and drowsiness of the drivers. One of the biggest causes of accidents is drowsiness, and most of the time, people do not notice whether they are tired and fatigues until it is late. Therefore, to reduce accidents, mining companies are implementing smart caps. These caps can analyze the brainwave of the drivers driving a mining vehicle to alert them when brainwaves understand that the person can fall asleep. With such technologies, it becomes easy for mining companies to decrease expensive and dangerous accidents caused due to drowsiness.

Another significant benefit of AI is the real-time monitoring of machines and data analysis with machine learning. The new technologies implemented in mining have real-time monitoring sensors, and data gathering abilities, but the data available are not used to its full potential. Therefore, if the miners use machine learning, it will help them process and understand the data in real-time. It will also help forecast when a machine fails so that the operators can stop operating it. The technology can also decrease the cost of repairing the machine and eliminates the safety risks related to machine malfunction. Machine learning is the future of the mining industry.

Furthermore, apart from monitoring equipment and detecting malfunction, the sensors can also be utilized to monitor the mining environment to identify potential hazards. The geotechnical sensors can be used for monitoring seismic activity and analyze the reports. Such data will help the miners to make more informed decisions related to activity blasting and drilling. Although humans can also do such tasks, AI can analyze data faster and in real-time, making it safer and more efficient.

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