How AI is Benefiting the Mining Industry?

AI is a powerful tool for analyzing all kinds of data in the mining industry. AI and Machine Learning can significantly help save costs, increase efficiency, and have tons of other benefits for companies.

FREMONT, CA: Mining is a very costly undertaking. One of the ways the mining industry is utilizing AI is to learn more about the area that they are working with. The computer can precisely map out and predict terrain than a human.  Most of the time, the company have to dig their way to the resources in the first place. A mistake in mining in the wrong location can cost millions of dollars. AI helps the mining industry to prevent errors from happening.

Computers are trained to identify faint patterns and trends. This has led to exciting developments in the mining industry, and technology companies are leveraging AI to minimize capital risk while increasing efficiencies and success rates for exploration, mine production, mineral processing, and investment.

AI-enabled devices are capable of analyzing and interpreting large volumes of sensor data and alerting when an issue is present. These systems can spot patterns that may be of concern. Regular tremors, temperature changes, and events across multiple parts of the mine can all be recognized by machine learning.

AI has a broad impact on the mining industry. Mining equipment manufacturers and development companies are enhancing using AI to provide greater value and reliability to the industry while also increasing safety and reducing environmental impact. The impact AI is already having is being shown through safer mines, reduced impact on the environment, improved economics and profitability, and increased extraction of precious resources.

AI is helping with early identification for mining companies, which can eliminate time and money spent on wasted exploration as well as increasing discovery potential. The use of robotics, AI, and machine learning can significantly help save costs, increase efficiency, improve safety, increase discovery potential, and many other benefits for mining companies.

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