How 3D Printing and Automation Revamped the Metal Fabrication Industry?

How 3D Printing and Automation Revamped the Metal Fabrication Industry?

Most of the big firms have invested time, money, and effort into research and development and growth of the metal fabrication industry. With the continually evolving metal fabrication trends, 3D Printing and Automation shift the metal market into a whole new level.

FREMONT, CA: The Metal fabrication industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in the world. Although it is considered as a traditional approach, it still has the entrance of evolving technologies. Earlier manual tools were used for sheet metal fabrication methods such as cutting, machining, welding, and the assembly of the final product. However, today most of these equipment are replaced by advanced machinery. The expansion of the metal fabrication industry is lighted by two significant factors, first being improved supply chain practices, and second, being technology advancements. Let's look at the top 3 trends in the Metal Fabrication Industry, 2020.

3D Printing

Though 3D Printing has been trending in many industries for the past few years, it is now making its appearance in the Metal Fabrication industry very soon. This technology is believed to bring transformations to the world of manufacturing. It has minimized the manufacturing cost, and reduced the assembly steps, supports freedom in design, and minimized wastage of resources. The metal fabrication industry all around the world is investing in 3D printing technology to simplify the process of creating tools and structures. An advantage of 3D Printing in the Metal Fabrication industry is that companies can create even the most intricate designs without facing the challenges related to the traditional manufacturing processes.


Automation has hooked every industry, and now it is set for its appearance in the Metal Fabrication industry. It is said to replace human methods and will play a compelling role in the future. It will change the metal fabrication industry and will simplify the procedures like the act of cutting and bending sheet metal with robotic and AI technologies. Also, automation has helped enterprises to cut metals quickly and easily without the need for human guidance and also withdraw metal wastage, helping the manufacturers to achieve accuracy. This saves a lot of money for businesses as it lessens human resources costs. With the advancement in robotics technology, automation is one of the trends that metal fabricators can embrace.

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