Four Benefits of Additive Manufacturing in Industrial Production

Additive manufacturing is used in various industries for product quality, cost savings, and sustainability.

FREMONT, CA: The digital transformation in industrial production led to the adoption of additive manufacturing. It is a technology in which objects are manufactured layer by layer in a sequence. 3D printing is the most basic additive manufacturing technology, which is typically useful for small-scale industrial production setups.

Additive manufacturing can be helpful in making the same parts quickly and precisely. Additive manufacturing uses 3D object scanners and CAD data software to operate the hardware to deposit layer after layer in perfect geometric shapes. It is now being used with heavy materials such as metals for the production of final parts.

Additive manufacturing is commonly used in the automotive industry and consumer electronics industry. It is highly ideal for the consumer goods industry because of the freedom of choosing design and customization.

The benefits of Additive manufacturing are:

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Traditional manufacturing techniques are mostly manual and thus lack precision. There can be a lot of waste due to uneven or extra material layering. Additive manufacturing adds only the necessary material needed, reducing raw material usage and creating almost no waste.

Customized designs

Additive manufacturing technology can create any geometric shape or parts with intricate details. It offers freedom to choose the design and is customizable, allowing the manufacturers to produce different products in less quantity within an affordable budget.

Manufacturing quality

New materials and advanced processes help manufacture products that are lighter, stable, and stronger for amazing product quality. Manufacturing processes are becoming faster and flexible. The number of steps involved in the manufacturing process is also reducing, which means reduced production time. Manufacturing products quickly enable faster and better economical maintenance.

Cost savings

Additive manufacturing saves operational and functional costs. It mainly keeps the production and supply chain cost low, which helps produce more products within less time and needed quantity. It also saves transport and inventory costs because it enables localized production, which reduces dependence on savings and suppliers.

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