DMLS Metal Technology for 3D Printing

Utilizing the design freedom of DMLS can help produce accurate metal components in less time than other manufacturing methods.

FREMONT, CA: With DMLS, it is possible to generate 3D printed metal parts directly from a computer model. The major ingredient to develop such a part is a powder of a metal alloy. The technology is leveraged for industrial 3D printing. In the metal 3D printer, a layer of the metal powder is spread across the building platform. Then, a laser in the 3D printer melts the powder at the points defined by the CAD model. This high-end 3D printing technology is harnessed for the serial manufacturing of 3D printed metal parts for an extensive range of industries. The major uses are aerospace, automotive, medical, tool, and turbomachinery. Learn more here.

DMLS is the best solution when conventional manufacturing technologies reach their limits. By leveraging a metal 3D printer, the design navigates the production and not vice versa. That offers firms maximum creative freedom and the possibility to create individual designs. The DMLS process is highly advantageous for those who require producing their metal parts for prototyping or low-volume production by avoiding time-consuming tooling. It also enables the creation of complicated and highly detailed designs that would be possible with any other technology due to the conventional manufacturing processes' limitations.

The parts produced with DMLS have mechanical properties equivalent to a cast metal part. DMLS parts are used in the aerospace industries and automotive firms. DMLS parts are leveraged for tooling, fixtures, motor parts such as rotors and impellers, cooling channels, and many others. There are many materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and superalloys like cobalt chrome that can fit medical norms and needs for the medical device sector. When it comes to uses in the medical sector, proof must often be offered of the material's origins and composition. Traceability and documentation is essential.

DMLS technology is perfect for manufacturing prostheses or implants. Customization of the part is a significant benefit offered by DMLS technology. Meeting the specific needs mitigates the length of time spent in the hospital and the risk of problems caused by ill-fitting implants.

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