Can Technology Bring Better Mining Innovations?

The absence of the mining industry in the nation can make the entire country lag behind others concerning technological advancements.

FREMONT, CA: Technology has altered almost every industry in the modern world, and mining has not been an exception. As per Deloitte’s “Tracking the trends 2019: The top 10 issues transforming the future of mining” analysis, mining companies in the present day need to look at specific tasks within every role and analyze if the latest technologies could disrupt it, now or in the future. The mining industry has constantly been searching for modern methods to use technology to enhance safety, increase efficiency, and secure the environment.

On the other hand, in current times, mining is one of the industries that have the most high-tech machinery in the world. It uses autonomous machines, advanced data analytics, and predictive monitoring to carry out state-of-the-art mines. By taking a close look at the industry, one can figure out that the modern-day mining operations are being performed by new and modern technologies.

Due to the significant role played by technology in everyday operations, the industry depends on a skilled and tech-savvy workforce. As per the Deloitte report, the industry needs to attract and retain the most talented team in the world, and the millennials, who are indeed the first tech-forward generation, need to do more than just under-representing themselves across the mining industry.

Besides employing developed technologies for production, the minerals that are brought by the industry are the key fundamentals that society depends on for advanced innovations such as healthcare and defense. For instance, life-saving cardiac technologies and essential parts of a smartphone are made possible with the help of gold and silver.

From laptops to the advanced weapons systems that are used by the military, the next thing that is demanded by the society is minerals for technological progression. It is crucial that companies, as well as people, support U.S. mining to continue to be one of the global leaders in the space when it comes to providing the latest technologies. By encouraging dependable domestic mineral production fuels, the U.S. can come up with better innovation as well as economic prosperity, and can also have a workforce of technology-first millennials.

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