Can IoT Boost Safety and Productivity in the Mining Industry

Internet of Things is transforming the safety and productivity in the mining industry.

FREMONT, CA: The digital era's technology is continuously changing how businesses operate. The industries related to assets like oil & gas, manufacturing, utilities, and construction have started making use of IoT solutions like connected workers. These technologies are helping the industries to operate efficiently and decrease the cost of production. One of the industries where the employees have to work in a dangerous situation is the mining sector. In this industry, employees die from several accidents and occupational diseases. Therefore, the companies must ensure that the safety system is implemented and proper control and monitoring systems.

However, by applying technologies, the number of fatalities is reduced in mines, but the companies need some techniques or strategies to ensure the workers' safety and productivity.

How IoT is transforming the mining industry

The mining industry can achieve turnaround with the ability to gather data in real-time. They can analyze the equipment and environmental data that will help them to collect information about the areas of mining. IoT and smart solutions will also help mining organizations monitor operations and enhance the employees' efficiency. They are also improving worker safety by applying connected worker solutions. Here are some of how IoT is boosting the mining industry.

Achieve real-time data and analytics

IoT will help the mining companies connect the assets, which provides large volumes of data associated with the production process, safety, the operational environment, and machines. The organizations can understand the inconsistency and eccentricities of the working environment with the help of real-time analytics. The information will also help the companies to take practical actions to increase safety.

Standardizing the processes

It will become easy for companies to control and make operations safely as they will have monitoring procedures. They can also establish the latest business models and develop revenue streams by collecting more data.

Progressing the traceability and visibility

Human intervention can get limited, and tasks will get automated with IoT. With the help of tools and visual graphs, the operators and managers can analyze the data of pit controlling, work status, drilling, mine planning, and locations.

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