Can Drone Development Bring Better Performance in The Mining Industry?

The wide-spread of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) throughout the mining industry has rapidly grown in recent years.

FREMONT, CA: In the mining industry, new ways of leveraging drones are surfacing in today’s world, starting from exploration, surveying, and mapping to ensuring safety and enhancing security. Drone technology collects unlimited aerial data with the help of engineers to record and track sufficient information in a short time, helping in analysis and interpretation.

Besides drones, many other technologies have also witnessed a rise in popularity within the mining industry. Advancements in autonomous technology can make everything safer, cheaper, and valuable. Moreover, global mining industry leaders have joined hands to co-operate on a blockchain scheme to escalate responsible sourcing, as well as sustainability practices. A few companies have also been developing and implementing a digital tool that harnesses blockchain to build a transparent network that helps them to source the commodities they purchase precisely.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Mining is one of the most vulnerable industries for workers, particularly for those who are working deep underground. Workers are exposed to hazards like rock falls, humid conditions, dust explosions, gas leaks, and floods. Mining companies keep this in mind and therefore use drones to monitor and evaluate deep shafts. Additionally, drones are also being deployed to analyze the mining equipment, which are expensive and time-consuming processes that need a highly-skilled human workforce otherwise. 

Surveying and Mapping:

When it comes to mineral landscapes, surveying and mapping are typically time-consuming processes. By using drones and a drone pilot, in the place of a piloted plane, companies can save around 90 percent of the cost-per-hour and gather much more aerial data than before. 

Stockpile Management:

Mining company faces multiple challenges, and managing stockpiles are one of the major issues that also comes with frequent changes. Furthermore, drones allow the mining companies to generate aerial terrain structures of their inventory and make sure that the companies can effectively monitor and keep track of the stockpile movement.

Road Optimisation for Transport:

The haul road network has a vital role to play when it comes to the efficiency of mining activities. In order to achieve safe and uniform transportation, road conditions need to be under constant monitoring. Therefore, the use of drones can help the process by gathering a large amount of aerial data that covers broad areas precisely for planning, construction, designing, and maintenance activities.

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