Blazing the Trail with Cutting-Edge Medical Translation Services

In this digital era, where electronic records and structured data are among the most valuable entities, medical transcription has become the ideal choice when transforming the patient’s data into an electronic form. Consequently, there is a sudden surge in demand for businesses with trained medical transcriptionists. Furthermore, the pandemic facilitated the need for remote translation too. One company making great strides in this arena is MiTRa Translations, executing remote certified translations on long-term agreements with its clientele. The dedicated team of language experts assists clients in breaking down language communication barriers to build lasting relationships with multicultural contacts.

MiTRa Translations has provided cutting-edge translation, linguistic services, and multilingual solutions for various industries and businesses for almost three decades. State and international clients rely on MiTRa Translations for document translation and interpretation and conference interpretation in business and trade, marketing and media, and many more.

Although medical translation requires unique expertise and a distinctive approach, it is governed by strict industry standards and legal frameworks. “Our strategy has been to choose the best linguistic team for each task and assign the job to a team that has been trained to meet the customer’s requirements. This is how we respond to our clients’ quality concerns,” remarks Mina Ilieva, CEO at MiTRa Translations.

A testament to the efficacy of MiTRa Translations’ linguistic services is how the firm provides a complete professional tailored translation, which includes personal treatment and detailed overview of the project, usage of advanced tools and technologies, and monitoring and coordination of all linguistic aspects and processes. In one instance, a client approached MiTRa Translations to translate two medical device manuals, each about 200 pages in length. MiTRa Translations successfully delivered translated and edited content, saving the client’s time and significantly lowering the budget. 

In addition to bringing forth tailored services for its clientele, MiTRa Translations has also adopted the process of personal data redaction in translation, especially in medical documentation. There was a requirement for personal data redaction in translation as per the GDPR requirements. By selecting the most appropriate redaction tools and training a team of linguists to identify sensitive information and execute proper redaction, MiTRa Translations offers a well-organized process to its clients, as requested. 

One of the biggest challenges in the medical translation field, especially when Bulgarian characters are involved with abbreviation rules, is the digital length of Cyrillic characters. These specificities create difficulties for UI translation projects; not only is the digital size of the abbreviated word longer in Bulgarian, but the abbreviation also has more letters and requires a full stop. MiTRa Translations’ best strategy is to follow grammar rules accurately, ensure that the end-user understands the command, and proceed to the next challenging case.  

The company’s broad portfolio – the large number of professional linguists for over 52 languages and machine translation expertise– makes them stand out among its competitors. Alternatively, MiTRa Translations has also developed unique tailored mentored internship programs shaping their translator specialists for the areas with high demand, such as the healthcare industry. MiTRa Translations’ bespoke programs involve CAT and translation software training, MTPE (machine translation post-editing), and complete guidance during the entire period. The same candidates begin working as in-house or freelance linguists in most instances.

Over the last few years, medical translation has become a rapidly developing area in the industry, and in the previous three years, MiTRa Translations has already gained extensive on-hand experience in MT owing to its large number of projects and a dedicated team of linguists. Treading on this path of progress, there is no doubt that MiTRa Translations will create a world of difference in the healthcare domain.