Benefits of mine safety technology

Benefits of mine safety technology

Mining safety technology can help in enhanced and safe mining operations with systems that provide real-time information related to mining assets and worker safety.

Fremont, CA: Often miners have to deal with risks related to traffic awareness, over-speeding, fatigue, distraction, unstable slopes, and blind spots at intersections, corners, and parking lots. Mine safety solutions mean better risk evaluation that allows mines to receive real-time equipment visualization with timely alerts about hazardous areas for workers and machinery. Workers and equipment are protected from injury-threatening events by being warned beforehand about the no-go zones.

Significant benefits of Mine Safety Technology:

Lesser operational costs

Smart mines can reduce the operational costs, not just on human labour but also because there is no need for physical data reading. Smart mines do not just save money by cutting out costs, but with the use of operational intelligence solutions, miners can save time and money by avoiding halts in operations due to any technical errors with the help of timely updates. Smart mines have relatively higher ROI than traditional mines.

Automated operations

With integrated technology, smart mines can automate their operations. Installing automation allows to control of both static and moving assets. For instance, installing a wireless network of sensors that can carry out remote readings and remotely programmed automated trucks for mining operations.

Workforce safety

Mines often face the issue of worker’s safety as it is very dangerous for humans to work in mines. Automating mobile assets, such as trucks, in mines and enabling wireless, remote readings removes the need for humans to be onsite, which increases workforce safety. Workforce tracking enabled through wireless-connected wearable devices also helps operators to coordinate their workers more effectively.

Monitoring assets

Wireless monitoring and predictive maintenance mining operators to remotely and constantly monitor operational assets, like dams, to ensure they are not damaged for worker safety. With real-time digital readings, operators can continuously monitor pore water pressure levels. If it goes undetected for too long due to manual task, can put pressure on critical mining assets such as dams which can be fatal.

Data security

Mining companies need to be in control of their data in case any incident or accident occurs. Mining data can be hacked and misused easily. Smart mining companies usually ensure that their data is protected. On-premise data acquisition systems can help avoid data breaches by aggregating and processing their data in servers onsite or near the site, which are only connected to one available network. This way, the data remains within a close reach and cannot be reached by hackers.

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