A Digital Approach To Mining Safety

It is essential to adopt the right strategy and solutions to close the gap between process automation and the associated operational procedures.

FREMONT, CA: The owners and operators of mines have the most important duty to ensure the safety of mineworkers. It is essential to safeguard the welfare of mine workers and concentrate on knowledge development and technological advancements. Since many stakeholders, including mineworkers, industry labor, trade groups, academics, government, and commercial organizations, are interested in safety, these programs are collaborative. It is essential to reduce the risk of occupational diseases among mine employees and ensure reduced danger of severe injuries and fatalities among mine workers. In the fast-evolving technological advancements in all sectors, digital mining technology plays a vital role in driving the safety improvements of the workers.

Monitoring workers and remote equipment

Large machinery is remotely viewed and controlled in real-time from small control rooms. It takes work to manage the threats posed by remote industrial equipment. The precise location of mineworkers and important physiological data, such as body temperature and heart rate, are tracked efficiently. Industrial clients, who want to provide their frontline staff and teams with smart, context-aware real-time information to be more productive, manage risk, and work safely, can adapt to various solutions to safeguard their safety.

Systems for advanced process control

The rise in automation and control technologies optimizes workflow efficiency and reaction to events devoid of human involvement. It is essential to adopt the right strategy and solutions to close the gap between process automation and the associated operational procedures. Ensuring people don't wholly cede control of their safety to the system due to the underlying automation technology is a hurdle.

Managing big data and advanced analytics

Real-time or aggregated data streams from instruments, sensors, analytical tools, cameras, and so on will all be fed into "data lakes," where they are processed, linked, and analyzed to find trends and leading indications pointing to potentially dangerous circumstances or behaviors. To gather, process, and analyze data streams from field devices, equipment monitoring, and specific digitally-enabled methods. It can innovate and offer new intelligent safety solutions to industrial customers because of its flexibility.

Wearable devices for monitoring safe work

Emerging new wearable devices that guarantee the proper PPE are being worn while monitoring vital indicators. Additionally, mineworkers will be able to get professional assistance and direction from knowledgeable coworkers situated anywhere in the world, thanks to augmented reality displays. It is essential to get accurate wearable and portable gas monitoring equipment, to improve the safety of frontline employees in potentially hazardous environments.