2 Ways Mixed Reality has Enhanced Mining Productivity

Technologies like AR and VR have increased the safety and productivity of the mine employee even during a pandemic like COVID-19

FREMONT, CA: The COVID -19 pandemic has created so much fear among people that the mines also had to remove their employees from unsafe areas to remote places where they can operate safely. As COVID-19 is contagious and spreading at a rapid rate, it has become essential for companies to keep the employees healthy and safe while maintaining the continuity of their business. 

To fight against this disease, the companies have started to apply technologies like remote assistance tool, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). These technologies will increase the productivity and efficiency of the employees by enhancing their virtual work. It will also give a boost to the safety and productivity of the mine. 

Enhance Safety

The repairing procedure while providing the mine operators with an opportunity to apply the mixed-reality technology. The technicians can use AR to witness the present operating data of the device by using a mobile device or headset. Moreover, if any help requires a remote partner can even join them in the environment conducted by AR so that they can talk through the repairing process. Therefore, when the repairing process is done virtually, they can avoid a dangerous situation that can happen while equipment servicing and refurbishing. 

Increase Productivity

For a long time, the conveyors used to be time-consuming equipment used for troubleshoots and fix. But now technology can be used to improve productivity whenever there is a problem in the conveyor.  

For example, locating the spot where there is an issue, the employees do not have to walk the conveyor belt because an operator can travel the belt using digital twins on a mobile device or a computer. Therefore, the operators can quickly re-evaluate the details of the problem and get access to motor data such as current and temperature while making an analysis and troubleshooting. 

When the operators have the information necessary while fixing the issues, they can apply the accurate technician in the right place along with the tools. However, this technology will decrease the time the employee takes to travel, and there will be fewer surprises for the technician while repairing. Hence the job can be done quickly and efficiently. 

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