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Jim Gray PEng, President and Principal Mining Engineer, Moose Mountain Technical ServicesJim Gray PEng, President and Principal Mining Engineer
Mining is one of the most vital operations in the world enabling millennia of civilizations to make the most of the earth’s natural resources. Today, however, ore bodies are harder to fins, more remote, and grades are declining. Along with increasing environmental and sustainability concerns, responsible mining companies are now including their corporate social responsibility issues to tackle modern age physical, environmental, and social issues of their mining enterprises. These increased enterprise requirements have left new and growing junior and intermediate mining companies who also lack adequate experience and expertise in these more inclusive and overreaching requirements of mining—incapable of designing, costing, and meeting regulatory/permitting requirements to advance their mining projects. Not only has the scope of mine planning increased but also the modern tools and methods are continuing to advance into high technology applications.

Enter, Moose Mountain Technical Services (MMTS), an association of geologists, engineers, and technicians who collectively pool in their skill and knowledge to aid the mining industry. Hard-won understanding of the industry’s requirements from years of experience has been combined with new methods and advanced technology from new graduates has been combined in the MMTS project teams to tackle today’s mining issues.
“Our team comprises individuals from varying ages and backgrounds that complement each other,” says Jim Gray, president and principal, MMTS. “The older, more seasoned, members coach the younger counterparts and quickly bridge the 20-30 year gap in expertise in the field today.”

MMTS offers the mining community comprehensive exploration, geology consulting, resource modeling, scoping, and strategic planning, and pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments of projects for the full scope on a mining project and provides National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101) Technical reports. These ventures, that Gray and his team partake in, range between 20mn to 5bn dollars in capital.

The MMTS project experience includes open pit, underground and in-situ techniques for precious and base metal hard rock projects as well as coal, and industrial minerals. A particular area of expertise is in complex coal mining capabilities in the multi-seam coking coal projects, of the western Canadian Rocky mountain mines. With their complex coal services, the mining consultant empowers small and medium-sized mining organizations to obtain coking coal for steel-making purposes.

“Even after the planning is done, permits received, construction completed, and the mine has been commissioned, we have been engaged by our clients to help with the whole mine processing engineering services as the project moves into operation,” says Gray. MMTS intuitively designs and executes open-pit and underground mining facilities and associated mine site infrastructures, regardless of the challenging geography of the location. Such all-inclusive expertise in the matter offers growing organizations an advantage in their mining operations.

With a primary focus on activities in the British Columbia region, MMTS caters to a large clientele from Toronto and Vancouver-based organizations who work with clients across international borders. Having delivered their extensive services in countries around the world, the pre-feasibility and feasibility reports the MMTS team provides the NI 43-101 Technical Reports required by Canadian Securities for its clients for public financing. The MMTS expertise is also used by mining investors for due diligence evaluations of projects they are interested in.

MMTS, with their integrated team of experts, has been providing the mining community with par excellence consultancy services for over two decades. With experience in hard rock—base and precious metals—uranium and rare earth metals, oil sands, and heavy mineral sands projects, team MMTS is atop the pecking order for mining and geology consulting services on a global scale.
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Moose Mountain Technical Services

Cranbrook, BC, Canada

Jim Gray PEng, President and Principal Mining Engineer

Offers services ranging from early grassroots exploration and development, resource and reserve estimates to advanced planning and studies for mine proposals for a variety of resources

"Our experienced senior Associates have worked in operations and mined their own plans, our younger Associates have capabilities in the new technologies. Together it makes a very capable team"

- Jim Gray PEng, President and Principal Mining Engineer