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Aaron Wright-St Clair, Founder & Managing Director, Material ManagementAaron Wright-St Clair, Founder & Managing Director
Metals and mining is a primary industry “subjected to compartments of heavy machinery automation,” says Aaron Wright- St Clair, founder and managing director of WrightZone International. “Our WZWeigh product and proposition delivers job costing and materials management; production and demand forecasting with, supply chain control, in offering advanced planning and scheduling capability; and, highly configurable entry weigh, and/ or exit weigh, payload data management.”

The WZWeigh solution enables digital communication between weighing devices within existing networks. WZ software with its synchronization intelligence offers redundancy and depth—should two-way communications fail, business operations will continue.

Existing weighing machinery, accounting, ERP and/or bespoke business software applications are all agnostic to the solution. WZWeigh is all-inclusive of WZLoad, WZBulk, and POSWeigh business software, applications. It delivers one single repository, one cohesive enterprise metrology system, with functional choice for operations managers, weighbridge operators, logistics and/or loader drivers; all end users-tailored to their individual responsibilities.

“We have a tablet for both Topcon and Trimble loader scales, offering single touch to load,” states Wright. In the unmanned environment, using POSWeigh (a large touch screen) or WZLoad (a tablet), the truck driver can record product demand.
Demand transactions’ offer hauler and vehicle target weights, site entry time with job and materials data for loader, loading. Hamish Frew (MD) of Frews Contracting, says,

“It’s not a steep learning curve;” and Loader Driver Malcolm, “It’s bloody good!”

Their 4D development methodology (Define, Design, Develop, and Deploy) is “simple, as is our software,” says Wright. With their latest project producing PC/PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) two-way communication, PLCs are used in asphalt plants, bulk haulage liquid delivery, and even traffic light controls across industry.

POSWeigh records truck driver Target Weight, load quantities, communicated to the PLC in real time. Inside the PLC, POSWeigh transactions are driver touched for pump(s) start, where Load-Out begins. “Automation lets you watch targets, actuals, and movement,” says Wright. “All solutions start with an agreed endpoint; here we integrated an external MSSQL system, where customer jobs and addresses originate; passed as Pre- Entry transactions for driver selection, into WZWeigh.” On Load-Out, weigh data is written back to MSSQL ready for invoicing. Errors are minimal, security enabled, and visibility is global—concluding a solid platform that supports robust, flexible, and dependable automation architecture.

When it comes to client revenue, WrightZone follows a hands-on approach facilitating sales, with reduced costs and automated business processes.

According to Paul Clayton Distribution & Logistics Manager, Kaipara Quarries, “We have got everything we’ve asked for from the team even when we’ve asked for things that are out of the normal.” Damien Provis, (BA), Frews Contracting, also states, “Each of our sites has its own unique needs, and, coupled with our clear vision of what we wanted, I’m happy to say WrightZone has exceeded my expectations.”

This is further endorsed by Phil Gordon, (MD), Longburn Shingle Company, “WrightZone enhanced their product over and above the standard software to give us exactly what we wanted.”

The future, as Wright explains: “Greater market penetration with WZBulk,” a bulk haulage software solution that enables logistics companies to produce their own dockets and invoices to, their customers using any site, scales. “And formalizing the reseller network for the WZ Suite of products within New Zealand, Australia, and South East Asia.”

Independent of existing machinery and systems, WrightZone as a Top 10 Metals & Mining Technology Solution Provider, delivers seamless visibility and control; workflow and data management, in transactional and graphical formats of business operations. Their secret to success—agnostic multi-way. Digital communication.
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Material Management

Auckland, Te Atatu South

Aaron Wright-St Clair, Founder & Managing Director

Provides Materials Management Software (MMS) solutions for the mining and metals, waste and recycling, forestry and agriculture weighing industries

"Automation lets you watch targets, actuals, and movement"

- Aaron Wright-St Clair, Founder & Managing Director