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Since metals can be recycled indefinitely without losing quality, scrap metal recycling organizations can substantially improve their revenue margins by engineering efficient and sustainable methods to reuse metals. Additionally, with organizations growing increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of mining on the environment, the demand for recycled metals in the construction sector has risen substantially. At this juncture, Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy is one such organization that has positioned itself to be a versatile and dependable scrap metal and demolition firm. The company is a Rovaniemi-based family-owned business with a long history in the scrap metal industry and is currently run by two brothers, Juhani and Jarmo Pyhäjärvi.

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy's operations include metal collection and recycling, metal sales, and demolition. Moreover, Lapin has successfully obtained the necessary environmental permissions for its demolition and recycling operations and is recognized as a member of The Finnish Association of Scrap Dealers. The company has two segments— LM Rautamyynti Oy and Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy—to ensure that clients receive adequate attention and high-quality services when addressing their issues. Among these, LM Rautamyynti Oy, with its metal reception centre located on Suopellontie, sells iron, aluminium, stainless steel, and numerous metal industry supplies and tools in Northern Finland. On the other hand, scrap automobiles and demolition activities are handled by Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy, with its sales office in Pappilantie, Rovaniemi.
Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy provides swift scrap pickup services and collects scrap automobiles in a timely and professional manner. To achieve consistently high scores in customer satisfaction, the company ensures that its employees are trained and educated on various metals and how to process them expeditiously. Additionally, not only does Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy issue the necessary scrap certificates and notify authorities when a car has been scrapped, but the company also ensures that tires, batteries, fluids and scrap metals are disposed of or recycled according to environmental regulations.

Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy specializes in the partial or complete demolition of complex industrial structures. The firm consists of highly trained demolishers who adhere to regulations and are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the processes involved with modern demolition equipment. In addition to demolition work in northern Finnish cities, the company's staff can also travel to southern Finland to conduct industrial demolition work.

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy's efficient equipment allows them to undertake demolition operations in a comprehensive manner, helping them meet even the most stringent customer requirements. They use sprayers, concrete crushers, trucks, wheel machines, demountables, and excavators with buckets. "We also have cutting-edge technologies such as the Taurus Bluline 900tn shearer and baler," said Pyhäjärvi Jarmo, the president of the company.

Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy also sorts scraps and delivers these resources to where the client requires them. If necessary, they store the metal in one of their three environmentally-friendly storage facilities. Customers can bring scrap metal to the company's Rovaniemi headquarters or schedule a convenient pick-up. Lapin processes the scrap metal in compliance with regulations and then provides the sorted material for reuse in the steel sector, among other areas. Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy has also exported materials such as aluminium cables to Asia.
  • We Also Have The Taurus Bluline 900tn Shear And Baler, Which Is A Cutting Edge Technology

The company plans on expanding by attracting more customers in the years to come. "We are working to attract more customers from Northern Norway and we also plan to acquire new electrical material handling machines to try and pursue carbon-neutral metal recycling," said Pyhäjärvi Juhani, the CEO of the Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy.

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Lapin Metallikierratys Oy

Lapin Metallikierratys Oy


Pyhäjärvi Juhani, CEO

Lapin Metallikierrätys Oy is a flexible, experienced, and dependable company in all aspects of scrap metal and demolition operations. The corporation is divided into two parts: LM Rautamyynti Oy and Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy. Among these, LM Rautamyynti Oy sells iron, aluminium, stainless steel, and other metal materials, as well as numerous metal industry supplies and tools, in Northern Finland. Scrap automobiles, other scrap metal, and demolition activities are taken care of by Lapin Materiaalikierrätys Oy.