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John Sample, Executive Chairman, JSG Industrial SystemsJohn Sample, Executive Chairman
Complex and sophisticated equipment form the backbone of the mining industry. Heavy vehicles, mining machinery, mobile plants, stationary equipment, electrical control rooms, power generation equipment, and other assets represent a substantial investment in the mining arena. Due to the often-heavy demands placed on equipment performance, risk assessments performed by mining operators today are focused on possible damage to equipment and potential loss of life resulting from the ever-present risk of fire. The probability of fire is substantially higher in cases of heat generation combined with probable mechanical or electrical component failure. Consequently, the latent risk of fire leads to high asset replacement costs and contributes to lost productivity. These costs are, however, insignificant compared to the possible loss of life. Predictably, installing a fire suppression system has become an essential part of a company’s overall risk management plan to minimize the risk to both operator and equipment.

This is where JSG Industrial Systems steps in as a developer of cutting-edge engineered systems for asset management & personnel safety in the mining and industrial sectors. “Our mission is to design, develop, and supply engineered industrial systems, which increase asset lifetime, reduce operational risk, and contribute to environmental sustainability,” says John Sample, Executive Chairman of JSG Industrial Group. John Sample Group (JSG) serves a variety of global sectors, including mining, transportation, agriculture, marine, energy, food & beverage, construction, and manufacturing. The company leverages its unmatched technical knowledge to offer sophisticated fire suppression technology.

The Must-Have Fire Suppression System - Must-Be Muster®

With a goal to mitigate fire hazards in the mining sector, JSG offers the latest next-generation fire suppression system leveraging leading-edge technology for automatic fire detection and system actuation. JSG’s pre-engineered Muster® Fire Suppression System offers a range of fully monitored solutions that combine the latest technology with a simple design that comes with a fastconnecting wiring system.

Our mission is to design, develop, and supply engineered industrial systems which increase asset lifetime, reduce operational risk, and contribute to environmental sustainability

Tested to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS5062-2016, the in-built accuracy of the Muster® Fire Suppression System is controlled using state-of-theart intelligent pressure sensors. The system is available in two fire sensing modes – MusterWire Linear Heat Detection (LHD) wire sensing and Loss of Pressure (LOP) sensing.

The ISO 9001-certified Muster Fire Suppression System has the capability of monitoring the integrity of its fire suppression system on mobile mining equipment 24/7. The constant monitoring of the system’s overall integrity every two seconds covers all aspects of system functionality, including fire detection, and ensures the system will actuate in the event of a fire. A compact, self-contained alarm panel on the system not only provides monitoring & activation capabilities but also offers a system shutdown signal & alarm to allow the necessary actions to protect the equipment & operator. This panel provides the system data performance with regular diagnostic checks to ensure all components function properly.

The Muster system comes with a range of innovative features. Its system diagnostic capabilities feature a compact, state of-the-art diagnostic module to preserve the systems’ essential information and download software updates. Its flexible heat detection capabilities employ the latest fire sensing technology with the MusterWire Linear Heat Detection system. This ensures a clear and continuous signal relay to the Muster Alarm Panel to sustain the reliability and integrity of the monitoring process and to generate an immediate fire activation response. Finally, its cloud based software integrates leading-edge technology with Muster®’s exclusive Muster360 Cloud-based risk assessment tool, system design, and commissioning program to lower risk, reduce costs and ensure all Muster Fire Suppression Systems are compliant with approved fire safety standards.

JSG Industrial Systems Fireproofing Mining

Established in 1968, JSG Industrial Systems started out offering lubrication products and solutions for industrial applications.Through the years, the infrastructure developed to support the lubrication business allowed the company to expand its range of products and engineered systems into many other product lines, including flow management and fire suppression systems.
Today, JSG Industrial Systems – with a range of quality engineered systems – has regional offices throughout Australia and international offices in New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Africa, with a clientele, spread worldwide.

As an example of extended customer service, JSG trains distributors and site personnel, including engineers, to make them understand the fire suppression system operations and troubleshoot it if required, and provides a whole range of technical support to ensure the asset & personnel are fully protected. JSG ensures service & support to the users via the development of a network of welltrained authorized Muster distribution partners who have easy access to those remote locations.

JSG’s advanced fire suppression system has found takers among some of the biggest names in the mining industry across the globe, many of whom have implemented the Muster Fire Suppression System on their mining vehicles. Encouraged by the global recognition of their tech expertise, JSG is expanding its fire suppression technology into newer regions, including China and Mongolia. In the coming days, JSG looks forward to devising sophisticated green industrial tech solutions in tandem with its reputation as a one-stop-shop in the lubrication, fluid management, and fire suppression system markets. “We have a commitment to providing industrial solutions that embrace technology and contribute to sustainable environmental initiatives,” Sample concludes.

Study case of Material Handler Installation

Recently, JSG Industrial Systems in Australia, through a valued distribution partner, installed a Muster LHD flourine-free foam system onto a German Brand material handler mobile unit in a metal recycling application. The end user had recently suffered a fire event where they experienced a total loss of their machine which was not fitted with a fire suppression system. So when the replacement machine was ordered, Muster received the call to protect the new machine from the risk of fire.

Following a successful installation, the client chose to further protect their site by having a second system fitted to a large shear/ baler unit. This large machine was protected with a Muster dual agent system featuring a MusterWire LHD fluorine free foam system protecting the hydraulics and the AC drive motors, and a SAG (Solid Aerosol Generator) system, protecting the electrical cabinets.
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JSG Industrial Systems

JSG Industrial Systems

Milperra, Australia

John Sample, Executive Chairman

JSG Industrial Systems is a developer and distributor of industrial tech solutions specializing in fire suppression, lubrication and fluid management systems. A part of the JSG Industrial Group, the company offers sophisticated next-generation fire suppression technology in collaboration with Muster®. The Muster® Fire Suppression System constantly monitors the integrity of its system on mobile mining equipment and issues immediate fire activation responses. JSG Industrial Systems also provides hands-on training and technical support to mining personnel and engineers at the mine sites, as well as to distributors within the countries where it supports the Muster® Fire Suppression Systems