GoldMinds Geoservices Inc. (GMG): Taking Mineral Exploration to New Heights

Claude Duplessis, CEO, GoldMinds Geoservices Inc (GMG)Claude Duplessis, CEO
Acursory glance at one’s surroundings reveals that anything that isn’t grown is mined somewhere on the planet. The vital endeavor of mineral exploration and mining is incomplete without in-depth mineral resource and ore reserve estimation expertise to determine the tonnage and estimated economic value of an ore deposit.

GoldMinds Geoservices, possessing a vast industry knowledge gained through broad experience in various commodities, brings a wide range of top-notch mineral resource estimation services. It offers advanced mineral reserve estimation, orebody modeling, technical reports, and site-visit services to mining & exploration companies.

“We fulfill all mineral exploration needs, with a strong determination to provide clients with the right ore reserve estimates,” says Claude Duplessis, P.Eng., CEO of GoldMinds Geoservices.

GoldMinds is the result of Duplessis’ extensive background in geological engineering and experience in mineral exploration projects as the former owner of Geostat System International, an ore reserve estimation service provider acquired by the Switzerland-based SGS Group. Duplessis’ pro-mineral resource development stance and eagerness to find greater avenues for metal recycling propel his brainchild to offer excellent ore reserve estimation services meeting international standards.

Widely experienced in geotechnical engineering, the GoldMinds team of professionals assesses the topography of the probable mineral resource area and analyzes the metal content in the core samples collected from the site.
The analysis is done by performing methodological laboratory testing and collecting the mineral ore data. GoldMinds also utilizes the expertise of its in-house mining engineers and specialized GIS experts to map and analyze the test data. Based on the analysis, it designs solutions for optimal mineral extraction.

This elaborate investigatory process enables GoldMinds to release technical reports with accurate estimates, earning clients’ and stakeholders’ confidence. Throughout the process, the team keeps in touch with clients through interactive follow-up sessions and presentations.

GoldMinds is always willing to go above and beyond to serve clients’ mineral exploration needs. For instance, one client had trouble determining the exact direction of a silver vein from a core sample that wasn’t oriented. GoldMinds stepped in with a specialized camera that captures clear images up to a depth of 600 meters. It helped determine the silver vein’s inclination and view it in three dimensions, which allowed the client to drill in the right location.

We fulfill all mineral exploration needs, with a strong determination to provide clients with the right ore reserve estimates

Going the extra mile for clients, GoldMinds’ professionals conduct mineral reserve investigation even in remote areas with complicated terrain. They also take into consideration the environmental aspect in mineral mining activities, taking utmost care to ensure safe storage of the waste dump and the tailings— economically unviable by-products of mineral mining—far away from mining sites to avoid contamination. To that end, they help determine the ideal location to store the tailings, within sturdy enclosures designed to remain intact indefinitely.

Apart from its vast mineral exploration know-how, the GoldMinds team offers fluency in French, English, Spanish and Arabic—useful in international client interactions. It has enabled GoldMinds to expand its business beyond the Canadian borders—to South America and Morocco, and gain extensive knowledge of the local mining and mineral exploration regulations of those regions.

As a small and nimble company unburdened by administrative costs, GoldMinds is able to offer its services at highly competitive rates. Already engaged in a number of projects for exploring precious metals like gold and silver, GoldMinds has joined the search for more reserves of metals such as copper, lithium, cobalt, and nickel, needed for battery manufacturing. It is clear that GoldMinds, with its immense acumen in mineral resource estimation, is the ideal partner for exploring and developing mineral resources.
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GoldMinds Geoservices Inc. (GMG)

GoldMinds Geoservices Inc. (GMG)

Quebec City, Canada

Claude Duplessis, CEO

GoldMinds Geoservices is a consulting firm specializing in mineral resource estimation services. In addition, it offers technical reports, drilling program management, geological exploration, and geotechnical studies to mining companies by leveraging the extensive industry expertise and mineral resource estimation knowledge of its qualified team.