COPEX SA: Innovative Recycling Machines for Driving Urban Mining

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Frédéric Malin, PDG de COPEX, COPEX SAFrédéric Malin, PDG de COPEX
For thousands of years, the mining sector has consistently supplied the world with the raw material required to address the needs of the ever-growing population around the world. In recent times, however, the concept of urban mining is becoming increasingly popular. The driving force behind this popularity is the growing concerns about the environmental impact of mining activities. Unlike conventional mining, urban mining or recycling are more viable and sustainable and do not require the destruction of natural resources. Recycling also requires significantly less energy than mining, making it a feasible alternative for mitigating the ongoing climate crisis. But to effectively recycle metals, what miners require are high quantity and efficient metal mining solutions, and at the backdrop of this is COPEX. The French company is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic scrap shearing machines used to recycle scrap and discarded metals.

COPEX has developed its solutions in a way that incurs minimal overhead, cost of ownership, and downtime while empowering recyclers to relish high production outputs

Established in 1948 as a specialist in manufacturing hydraulic presses and shears, COPEX today develops recycling machines that optimize the operational efficiency of recycling processes across various industries. These machines are adorned with the highest levels of reliability, robustness, and lifetime.
COPEX offers a diverse range of products, including scrap shears and shear balers that cut and compress scrap and metals into bales. The products also house production capabilities and configurable components that can be modified to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals of various densities.

COPEX has been a trusted partner of recycling and steelmaking professionals for years, who employ its wide range of lateral compressions and flap shear presses REFLEX, S-WING, and LIDEX, to meet their operational requisites. The machines are capable of recycling light and mixed scrap and ELV and heavy products, homogeneous and heterogeneous components. The recycling equipment is available in the form of fixed as well as mobile machines, making it convenient for the recyclers to set up recycling operations at their desired locations. The presses and compressors can also be powered with electricity or diesel, providing users the freedom to select the energy supply for their choice. Owing to its long-standing reputation and decades of experience, COPEX has developed its solutions in a way that incurs minimal overhead, cost of ownership and downtime, while empowering recyclers to relish high production outputs. To improve the reliability of the machines, COPEX has developed its products with the highest availability rate, wherein a replacement of its solution's components could be done in less than two hours. For several decades, COPEX has been functioning as a primary supplier of recycling machines to various businesses.

Galloo Group, Europe's leading recycling firm of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, utilizes COPEX's LIDEX shear press for their recycling processes. As Galloo Group expanded its production capabilities, it invested in COPEX's press that could process 150 tons of metals per day. COPEX recently delivered its LIDEX lateral compression shear press to SAS Guy Dengasc Et Fils, France's leading recycling brand. Australia-based Sims Metal Management, a metal and electronics components recycler, employed COPEX’s S-WING shear compressor. Although the machine’s quality, reliability, and efficiency is critical to customers, COPEX believes it is far from ample. To complement its innovation machines, the company offers a competency-based quality service that empowers its clients to generate long-term ROIs. COPEX conducts operational management of orders, customer service and maintenance, and retrofit activities, providing its clients with the best support for improving the life cycle of their equipments. Considering the growing demands for metal recycling and concerns regarding the emissions of conventional mining, one could say that the popularity of urban mining is only going to rise. In the upcoming years, COPEX will continue to consolidate its position as an industry leader and enable businesses to become more environmentally friendly and green.

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Frédéric Malin, PDG de COPEX

COPEX is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic scrap shears and balers for the recycling of scrap and metals. Their machines improved at the same time as the needs of our customers to ensure optimized operation of their investment. The key for the company's success is the reliability and robustness of its machines which have the highest lifetime. COPEX offers a global range of machines including: Scrap shear and shear baler to cut and compress scrap and metal materials into bales, covering all production capacities and all operation configurations, Scrap baler to produce high density bales out of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.stablished since 1948, COPEX has been from the beginning specialized in the design and fabrication of hydraulic baling presses for the processing of demolition scrap materials.