Bentley Systems: Optimizing Mining Operations

Intensive Digital Penetration is the Key

In the current day and age, computational technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become an inevitable part of businesses across industries. Vendors are harnessing these technological wonders through efficient solutions that enhance the operational procedures at an enterprise level. On similar lines, the legacy-driven metals and mining landscape is slowly being permeated by new-age platforms and software programs. It is therefore, an imperative that modern decision makers in the mining space start reconsidering their strategies by involving technologies in order to bring in a significant increase in productivity and gain a better control over expenditure.

The transition of daily operations from a traditional to a systems environment has been digitally supreme. Not only has it empowered organizations to lighten their burden in the operational front, but the transformation has also been beneficial to the mining companies in terms of being capable of focusing on other areas of interest, such as employee and customer engagement.

Similar to other industries, the collection of data is an important part of the businesses associated with the mining realm. Vendors are educating their clients in the correct way of deploying sensors in order to collect relevant information, especially in the areas that are far from human reach. Solution providers are realizing the major role of big data analytics in this process; the utilization of data analytics is facilitating easy analysis of information and delivering actionable insights for a future-ready business.

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    Top Companies

  • Bentley offers mining solutions to design the supporting infrastructure for mine sites to optimize mine operations and maximize productivity

  • Developing intuitive, reliable, cutting-edge monitoring technologies for the mining and oil industries

  • Engineering quality satellite surveys of hundreds of square kilometres accurate to better than 15cms

  • Provides IT Strategy and deployment consulting and business process management services for organizations in asset intensive industry