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A Peek into Digital Mining

From manufacturing to mining, business organizations are thriving upon one mantra—get smart. More so, firms are realizing the need for advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) in their daily activities. At the core, these technologies are playing a pivotal role in assisting entrepreneurs improving their efficiency and overall controlling costs, while promoting transparent and streamlined mining activities. The rapid absorption of technology is also enabling firms to leverage data-driven insights, thereby paving the way for optimized production and removal of waste generated during the execution, processing, structuring, and designing of products.

The transition from a legacy-driven environment to a digital mining process begins with emphasis on the automation of physical operations and digitization of assets. Making extensive use of IoT enabled devices such as drones, wearables and 3D printing processes, users are growing capable of capturing business relevant data in a more efficient manner. Miners are now seeking ways to unlock the true potential of data-driven analytics, which is providing further benefits by compiling data across the mining value chain. Miners are now easily identifying the key drivers of the process and accordingly implementing improvements in terms of operational efficiencies.

AI also has brought in drastic innovations in the metals and mining space; coupled with data, AI is enabling users to make accurate predictions and offer suggestions on how to explore new horizons for larger yield results without compromising on the social responsibility of reducing the environmental impact. AI and IoT work in collaboration in order to streamline all operations and maintain high transparency at all levels.

Walking you through a broader realm of the metals and mining ecosystem, we have curated this special edition by bringing together the changing trends, providers promoting innovation in the industry, needs of the hour, along with a glance into the digital wave resonating in the mining industry. We hope the insights imparted by seasoned thought-leaders featured in this edition will help you create a future-ready strategy for your businesses.

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Top Companies

Specializes in telecom engineering for remote areas using satellite and 5G LTE cellular technologies


Develops and manufactures intelligent industrial technologies tailored to the requirements of industrial markets including mining, construction and energy


Offers services ranging from early grassroots exploration and development, resource and reserve estimates to advanced planning and studies for mine proposals for a variety of resources


Provides commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets