Balancing CNC Machining And 3D Printing For Metal Parts

The Gateway to Sustainability

The global metals and mining industry is in a state of flux. The falling commodity prices are squeezing the cash flow, existing mines are maturing; development times for new mines are increasing; and above all, the mining operations worldwide are becoming less productive, compared to what they were a decade ago. It has become imperative for the players in the industry to maintain sustainable growth without having a devastating impact on the environment. However, amidst the market imbalances, rising costs, and geopolitical risks, many mining companies are struggling to recalibrate with challenges and remain buoyant. The environment requires them to manage complex scenarios surrounding cost control while improving efficiency and safety measures. Innovative technologies can do a great job here, with the potential for inducing a positive shift in the trajectory of growth in the industry.

The widespread trend in the metals and mining industry today is deploying technologies that drive automated mining processes to optimize energy consumption as well as leveraging renewable energy sources, which are proven to be cost-effective. The sector, as a whole, has been engaged in exploiting different forms of innovation, such as driverless trucks, drones, geo-coding, advanced analytics, and sensors on the field. Also, both the traditional and new players have set their eyes on the digitization of the field, which will play a crucial role in boosting productivity, ensuring safety for workers, facilitating advanced exploration, and supporting environmental protection.

Going forward, mining companies must determine their focus, develop strategies, and align their systems and processes to generate more benefits from these innovations. There is a wide variety of technologies available for them, along with a plethora of solution providers to assist in the journey. In this edition of Metals Mining Review, we are featuring a comprehensive list of leading companies in the space, along with insightful articles from industry experts. We hope this will help you formulate strategies to succeed in today's metal and mining industry.

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    Top Companies

  • Manufactures, designs, modifies, e-conditionshigh-precision machine tools for manufacturers in need of a custom tool

  • Macy Industries right from their inception for the past 45 years have resolved every customer query through their customized services. The company provides full support manufacturing services to commercial contractors, high tech labs and even power plants. With a unique blend of engineering talent, creativity, and flexibility to produce products, Macy Industries makes their customer’s ideas a reality. As a one-stop-shop for metal manufacturing, the company offers a wide range of metal products. Macy Industries understands and delivers finished projects on time. As one of the fastest-growing businesses, Macy Industries has earned recognition in New Hampshire for five consecutive years

  • Precision Fab Inc (PFI) is a lean manufacturing organization which offers its robust packaging solutions to resolve the issues associated with shipping costs and product safety. Established in 2003, PFI has grown by leaps and bounds from its humble roots in a retrofitted dairy barn to become a leading North American manufacturer of returnable packaging solutions. Its affordable packaging solution comprises light yet strong returnable metal rack and soft packaging products, including totes, foam dunnage, textile bags, and plastic corrugated containers for OEMs and tier-one suppliers in automotive, aerospace, and material handling industry

  • QMC-EMI provides innovative structural solutions for the mobility industry to help their customers get their products to market faster. Established in 1959, QMC-EMI offer complete vertical integration of prototype and production capabilities to accomplish the customer’s goal of turning concept designs into reality. The company offers a range of technologies and services from small bracketry to complete BIW vehicles for all metal fabrication needs. From ideation to production it is a one-stop-shop and the go-to partner for clients to reach the next phase of building a mule or pre-production vehicle