CORE CASE: An Eco-Friendly Approach To Core Sample Storage

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Daniel Bortowski, CEO, Flávio Ramos, Administrative Director, CORE CASEDaniel Bortowski, CEO, Flávio Ramos, Administrative Director
Modern, sophisticated, high-end equipment for drilling and extraction is the norm in today’s mining sector. Yet, in stark contrast to the high-tech machinery, the core samples excavated from mining sites are stored in basic wooden crates.

Drill core samples are a valuable geological legacy of mineral ore deposits for mining organizations. As primary indicators of the presence of oil, gas, and mineral reserves, they hold a wealth of vital scientific information. When stored in wooden boxes, the samples become susceptible to contamination or destruction. As products of deforestation, these boxes are far from eco-friendly and drive low ESG scores for mining companies—fueling the negative perception toward the mining sector.

Core Case is bringing a much-needed sustainable transformation to the minerals mining industry with its environmentally-friendly, recycled plastic boxes for storing geological core samples. With an emphasis on innovation and environmental responsibility, Core Case’s boxes are designed by geologists with extensive experience in mineral extraction. The core boxes not only help reduce plastic waste through recycling, but also diminish the detrimental environmental impact of using wood products. It’s no surprise Core Case has become a forerunner in adherence to ESG norms.

“We deliver quality and sustainable geological core sample storage products, manufactured with 100-percent recycled raw materials,” says Daniel Bortowski, CEO of Core Case.

As an accomplished geologist, he noticed the oddity and inefficiency of storing scientifically and economically important core samples in wooden boxes while working on a nickel research project back in 2000. Wooden boxes are prone to deterioration due to humidity and termites, while improper stacking of the poorly-designed boxes make them susceptible to damage during transportation and storage. To improve operational procedures for core sampling activities, Bortowski came up with the idea of using boxes made of recycled plastic for storing the samples, and Core Case was born.

Facilitating Environmentally Responsible Core Sampling

In a unique and visionary environmentally-conscious move, Core Case was one of the early pioneers in using recycled plastics—as opposed to virgin plastic—to build its core boxes. Since the company’s inception 11 years ago, Core Case has been firm in its approach to enabling eco-friendly, sustainable mining operations by leveraging sophisticated recycling technologies and materials. This insistence on using recycled raw materials to infuse sustainability and efficacy into core sample storage is the company’s biggest differentiator.
In the initial stages, procuring recycled materials and processing them to produce core boxes was a challenge. Yet, Core Case remained committed to its values and mission of developing alternatives to manufacture quality, eco-friendly core boxes in its Generation I product line. Moving ahead of its initial product line, Core Case today has access to vast amounts of recyclable plastics courtesy of its suppliers and top-notch in-house recycling processes. This has enabled the company to build its robust product line of core boxes, namely Generation II, Adapt, Petro Case (for the oil and gas industry) and Chip Case (for RC drilling).

Core Case’s durable, lightweight, and easy-to-handle core boxes incorporate the best of modern designs, sustainable manufacturing, and user-friendly functionalities to meet the entirety of core sample storing needs of mining and related segments. Its team of qualified professionals determines and identifies the parameters of the plastics to be used in core box production, analyzes the recycled raw materials for core box manufacturing, and establishes routines for quality testing, post-production, in the company’s laboratory.

We Deliver Quality And Sustainable Geological Core Sample Storage Products, Manufactured With Hundred Percent Recycled Raw Materials

Core Case is also focused on designing quality ergonomic boxes that facilitate easy handling by mining and warehouse personnel. The boxes are designed to fit together in a stack, enabling ease of transportation in vehicles and storage in warehouses. Core Case’s boxes are also equipped with front drain systems that help avoid contamination of the sample material during the box transitioning process. The boxes also come with a tracking system to enhance the security of sample-containing boxes during transportation.

To help preserve core sample data, Core Case’s boxes are fitted with core rail system, an accessory that allows sample information entry. The sample details can be safely locked in the core box and accessed by anyone handling them by following the instructions on the boxes. This ensures core sample data is not lost during box transit, and the samples don’t get misplaced.

Blending Customer-Centricity and Product Innovation

Core Case firmly believes in adopting the path of innovation to drive operational success for clients through its product lines. The company is defined not just by its innovative, sustainable approach to enabling efficiencies in the mineral extraction industry but also by its customer-centric operational processes that enable meeting customers’ varied sample storage requirements well within deadlines.

The cherry on top is the assurance customers receive by knowing that all of Core Case’s products are designed by experts in mineral exploration and drilling. Bortowski himself interacts with customers on their queries regarding the design and utility of the core boxes, which helps promote confidence in adopting the novel product among users in an industry that is usually resistant to change. Core Case’s after-sales services are equally top-notch. It continues to engage with customers to get feedback on their products and accepts suggestions on possible improvements to product design.
A notable illustration of Core Case’s dedication to going the extra mile is its Adapt product line. A leading national mining company in Brazil needed adjustable core boxes to boost their sample storage capacity, as well as make it easier to stack the boxes in warehouses. In response to the client’s customization request, Core Case designed and developed the Adapt line. The company modified its existing core boxes by adding a detachable adapter that helps reduce box size. The adapter allows the adjustment of samples storage space in the boxes as per their solid and soft states. This tailor-made product enabled the customer to triple their storage capacity in the warehouse, compared to conventional wooden boxes. The success of this product prompted Core Case to transform it into an entirely new product line.

The latest addition to Core Case’s offerings is its technology division and business branch, Core Case Tech, launched to improve geological core sample data collection and access. Currently in nascent stages, Core Case Tech is an integrated drilling data flow management system that streamlines the entire process of recording core sample data on-site and obtaining the said data for analysis in laboratories.
  • Our Focus Is On Aligning Our Product To Technology That Provides More Security, Sustainability, And Agility When It Comes To Mining-Related Processes

Going beyond its core box and drilling data flow management solutions, Core Case’s focus on environmental sustainability also extends to wearable fashion. The company’s sustainable clothing line, Core Case Collection, has its roots in its chief pillars—sustainability, ergonomics, and resistance. With production facilities based out of the coastal region of southern Brazil, the clothing line plays an instrumental role in promoting environment consciousness by inspiring the country’s coastal city dwellers to participate in beach and hillside cleaning activities.

Enabling Sustainable Mining Operations in the Future

To drive environment-consciousness in its product lines further, Core Case will continue to leverage sustainable technology. “Our focus will be on aligning our product to technology that provides more security, sustainability, and agility when it comes to mining-related processes,” states Flávio Ramos, Administrative Director at Core Case. With that in mind, the company envisions developing more core sample storage solutions for the mining industry for ease of use, both in the field and in warehouses.

Core Case also looks forward to spreading its footprint into more foreign markets. Already well-established in Brazil and commencing business operations in Canada, the company plans to gain a stronger foothold in the Latin American market. With that goal, Core Case will also oversee the development of products better suited to international mining markets. In essence, Core Case will continue on its mission to bring novel, sustainable geological core sample storage solutions to the mining and related industries, transforming and augmenting drilling, extraction, and sampling operations across the mineral exploration sector.
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Daniel Bortowski, CEO, Flávio Ramos, Administrative Director

Core Case builds core boxes made of fully recycled plastics for storing geological core samples in mining and extraction activities. The company’s core boxes are durable, lightweight, and easy-to-handle, and incorporate the best of modern designs, sustainable manufacturing, and user-friendly functionalities.