Why Mining Industry is trying to Adopt Simple Wireless Connectivity

Why Mining Industry is trying to Adopt Simple Wireless Connectivity

Excessive competition in the mining industry has made it essential for the operators to adopt wireless connectivity, and it is not necessary to be expensive or complex.

FREMONT, CA The mining influencers, magazines, conferences all talk about the necessities for the miners to digitalize due to the risk of losing the market share to the competition.From the perspective of connectivity, here are a few procedures to start the system of digitalization for the small operators.

Digitalization at the Early Stage

The consumption of digital mine can follow several paths, but there are some best practices like redundancy, future-proofing, and scalability of the designs that have to be maintained continuously.

Scalability will make sure the operations continue to be optimally connected as the mine grows and develops. Redundancy will make sure that the mine operator can maintain access to their data even when the infrastructures fail or stop working. Moreover, future-proofing will guarantee that the operations do not get week while upgrading the connectivity infrastructure.

However, if the required attention is not imposed on the best practices, the price range of operating sub-optimally can increase.

It all starts with Connecting the Fleet to the Operation Centre

As mentioned, the usage of a wireless network is vital for accessing the data of the heavy equipment. The smaller operators can initially decide to use a simple interface that will allow them to get access to the fleet of data a few times a day.

The collected data will permit the operators to improve their procedures and also justify the investment that they made on the infrastructure, network, and the other on-board applications.

Connecting the Fleet can take the Operation to the Next Level of Optimization

The use of full wireless network might guarantee a machine to machine connectivity, but still, there will be chances to attain similar outcome with simple wireless network design.

It is necessary to select the proper wireless technology that will offer peer-to-peer connectivity for the best product without the necessity of using a fully deployed network. With this technology, the loader and haul truck will be able to share data in real-time as the loading procedure begins.

If the operation centre does not have access to the data in real-time, it can still offer the operators tolls that will help them to perform their job efficiently and also provide the required insight.

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