What is New in Concrete Spraying Technology?

What is New in Concrete Spraying Technology?

Concrete spraying is a mechanized technological and cost-effective solution to concrete construction and shaft lining in underground tunnels that strengthen the safety and minimizes the environmental impact of mining operations.

FREMONT, CA: Spraying equipment allows employees to utilize innovative technology to carry out underground construction from a safe distance, that need a smaller team of specialized staff for more efficient and sustainable construction methods. Due to the diversity of using spray concrete tools, training staff in all the processes of regions can be difficult. Automation technology helps to make the operations easier for workers and helps to improve productivity. SmartSpray that is developed by Normet, is manufactured to ease the process for operators by automating the nozzle position.

Recent advancements in 3D laser technology improved the efficiency and safety of concrete spraying processes. Normet's another design named SmartScan is planned on concrete spraying equipment and scans the targeted regions before and after spraying to deliver the user with a color-coded visualization of the thickness of concrete and an overview of regions that are below or over-sprayed. This technology enhances the efficiency and minimizes the wastage, as well as permitting the operators to scan the regions where repairs may be needed. Accurate data secured by the laser and its associated software is uploaded to the cloud, permitting for introspective analysis along with the instant concrete thickness reports.

Sustainability is becoming an enhancing focus for industry innovators. Hot gases and heat are not produced, enhancing the air quality in confined spaces and minimizing ventilation costs.

SmartDrive tools can be charged from any underground AC socket, or using fast-chargers. The split module battery architecture also permits the tool to resume the operation in the case of a malfunction as the faulty module will be isolated, minimizing the risk of unplanned maintenance shutting down operations.  The technology named Energy recuperation allows SmartDrive vehicles to regenerate and store braking energy during deceleration and downhill driving. Several of Normet's products utilize SmartDrive technology for concrete spraying equipment, as well as other mining construction applications.

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