How Technology Makes Mine Sites Safer for Workers?

How Technology Makes Mine Sites Safer for Workers?

Digital technology can bring intense impact on safety and health in the mining sector. Mining companies are investing in smart digital tools to enhance their operations to improve safety and reduce fatality risks.

FREMONT, CA: Health is the primary key to the achievement of sustainable development and is also a leading point in the development of failure or success. Significant progress has been made in recent years to enhance life expectancy and minimize the common causes of child and maternal mortality. Health improvements have shown to bring substantial economic benefits.

Safety has long been a significant area of concern for the mining industry. In the U.S. alone, it estimated that there were over 400 fatalities between 2008 and 2019. Mining industry experts maintain that annual deaths have reduced in recent years, but accidents on mining sites still occur. Accidents in the mining sector make the workers leave the company and make it harder to acquire a new talent and new job. Mining organizations need to take the health and safety of employees very seriously, and technology provides the tools for them to do so.

Leveraging digital technologies can have a dramatic effect on mining safety. For past years, technology providers have been helping to transform the mining landscape through tools and techniques starting with fast, reliable connectivity to make sure to secure data transmission around and between sites. Digital and connected devices and data analytics leveraging IoT is another area that has brought considerable benefits to mining.

AI and ML help mining organizations to identify signs that a piece of mining equipment is about to fail and take it up for inspection and pre-emptive repair in advance. Some mining organizations are also employing ML tools to find patterns in a site that have previously led to fatalities or accidents and, again, to anticipate such incidents.

Mining safety does not only impact people who work there but also the residents in nearby towns and villages can be subject to health and environmental issues. Tailings dams, the earth-filled embankment dams where the mine sites store byproducts after they've separated ore from gangue, are tarnished for creating safety hazards.

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