J.H. Fletcher & Co.: Enhancing Mining Operations with Customized Equipment

Greg Hinshaw, CEO and Ben Hardman, VP of Sales, J.H. Fletcher & Co.Greg Hinshaw, CEO and Ben Hardman, VP of Sales
The mining OEM industry has no deficit of players, but one has been consistently standing out for over 80 years, providing cost-efficient solutions on short order to its clients located across the U.S. Growing from selling rubber tire tractors in 1938 to utility vehicles, degasification drills, scaling machines and more in 2022, J.H. Fletcher & Co. has carved itself a niche in the field of mining OEM through its customizable, high tech, robust mining equipment.

Mining environments vary depending on their location, and the equipment and methodology must change to fit the operation at hand, which is where Fletcher’s specialty comes into play. Mine owners typically resort to tailoring their projects around the available mining equipment, but Fletcher’s customization capabilities empower clients to utilize equipment that best meets their needs.

Fletcher’s machines are an amalgamation of the simplicity of its older designs with the functionality and efficiency that accompany newer designs. Each part is pre-existing technology that is proven to work–the customization aspect comes into play when picking the combination of parts to form equipment that best tackles the client’s problem. When designing its state-of-the-art face mining equipment, Fletcher takes into consideration the mine’s environment, size of the entry, depth of the cut, and the mining approach.

“We fit in a niche that requires the availability offered by a large manufacturer and the specialized design for a purpose that a small manufacturer like ourselves can provide to the market,” says Greg Hinshaw, CEO at J.H. Fletcher & Co.
Fletcher’s customized equipment helps reduce the intake of tailings versus ore while simultaneously improving worker safety. It also guarantees cost-efficiency and high availability of its equipment for mining projects across the country. A mine owner can request Fletcher to use a specific axle or engine model for a piece of equipment to easily integrate it into their pre-existing fleet, cutting costs in the long run.

Each piece of equipment goes through a rigorous selection process, and only high-quality sub-components make their way into Fletcher’s arsenal. If suitable quality componentry isn’t available, Fletcher engineers a solution to utilize obtainable materials without compromising its fast-delivering capabilities. Fletcher also runs the equipment through intensive risk analysis by its in-house machine review committee that discusses the final design, its operating parameters, and the environment it will be in.

The benefits of Fletcher’s safe and efficient equipment extend to mine owners and workers alike. A client facing an issue with steel beams approached Fletcher, which custom-made a beam setter that manipulated it around mine utilities and allowed them to mechanically steady the beams while workers fastened them into place. The same client invited Fletcher onto another project, where it integrated a standing platform and air connections into the beam setter, enabling the use of air tools. In another instance, Fletcher developed a machine to replace jack legs that were causing uncontrollable tremors for its operator, following which they reduced in severity.
  • We fit in a niche that requires the availability offered by a large manufacturer and the specialized design for a purpose that a small manufacturer like ourselves can provide to the market

Fletcher’s ability to recognize its customers’ needs and design equipment that effectively tackles their problems is driven by its team of professionals knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the underground mining industry. From the point of sale to the machine’s delivery, clients reap the benefits of Fletcher’s highly experienced roster first-hand.

Fletcher has thrived in the mining OEM industry for decades without losing sight of its core mission, as evidenced by its ever-growing portfolio and the first-hand accounts of its successes. Constantly working on bettering its clients’ experiences, J.H. Fletcher & Co. stands tall as an impactful and flexible OEM for mine owners looking to improve site value without undercutting their workers’ safety.
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J.H. Fletcher & Co.

J.H. Fletcher & Co.

Huntington, WV

Greg Hinshaw, CEO and Ben Hardman, VP of Sales

J.H. Fletcher & Co., a mining OEM, meets the immediate needs of mine owners with its custom-engineered, serviceable, and cost-effective machines that are manufactured on short order. Fletcher’s machines reduce the intake of tailings versus ore and improve worker safety while offering accessibility for mining projects across the country.