Brelko Conveyor Products Inc: Conveyor Belt Cleaning Equipment for Trouble-Free Flow of Materials

Conveyor belt transport systems revolutionized mining, significantly streamlining the flow of ore from one point to another within mines. The introduction of robust support and maintenance systems by foresighted solution providers took the functionality of conveyor belts a step further. However, these solution providers initially flocked to the coal mining segment due to easier cleaning, leaving the more complex mining segments under served.

Brelko took up this challenge of addressing the conveyor belt cleaning requirements for hard rock applications. It is now one of the most favored providers of conveyor belt cleaning solutions in the industry.

A driven commitment to meeting the mining/conveyor sector’s needs has secured Brelko’s position as the leading supplier and manufacturer of quality conveyor belt cleaning, tracking and support systems. Instead of only providing off-the-shelf products, Brelko adopts a solutions approach, equipping OEM and mining clients with the best cleaning equipment per their requirements. The firmly established premium-quality conveyor belt cleaning equipment supplier designs cleaning equipment for a trouble-free flow of materials at transfer and load points. Faster, more efficient cleaning translates to reduced operational costs, fewer downtime, and extended conveyor belt life.

“We have a legacy of 35 years in offering patented products covering all aspects of conveyor spillage control, outperforming any existing solution. With R&D in our DNA, we can deliver the most innovative products for changing demands,” states Brent Weller, president of BrelkoInc USA.
Brelko has an extensive footprint in Africa, and a global footprint in the U.S., Europe, the U.K., the Middle East, and Australia. Since many of its early designs revolved around hard rock application, it has followed the platinum, copper, and gold mining market as they were some of the most challenging materials to handle.

Brelko understands user needs and ensures its products are of the highest quality. Belt scrapers, trackers, and support systems operate with minimum maintenance, ensuring no downtime to the production of the products due to maintenance or repairs.

The solutions offer maximum impact absorbing, tracking, and cleaning capabilities, suitable for conveyors that transport heavy or high volumes of material. Brelko’s hands-on approach to problem-solving has led to numerous equipment enhancements, landing it an increasing number of contracts. It engages with customers regularly and takes feedback to improve its services. At the same time, Brelko has long standing relationships with OEMs to sustain clients’ production levels and enable longer run periods with conveyors.

Its partnership approach ensures ultimate product performance. Where necessary, the client’s team is trained to install the required solutions and conduct comprehensive scheduled product maintenance and inspections.
  • We have a legacy of 35 years offering patented products covering all aspects of conveyor spillage control, outperforming any existing solution

Brelko’s team frequently visits client sites to inspect installed products. A way bill report on the Brelko product and conveyor’s overall condition is generated.

A global packaging and paper company with a significant transfer and spillage issue on one of its conveyor belts sought Brelko’s help due to its expertise in the area. This conveyor situated inside a tunnel led to a considerable dust/spillage build-up and an unsafe working environment, forcing authorities to step in. Brelko conducted an assessment and presented a proposal they accepted. Brelko installed the recommended products, eradicating dust and spillage build-up complaints, dramatically improving this conveyor’s run time.

Brelko’s welltrained and equipped team is always available to give their valued clients sound advice on any requirements. Brelko’s policy of manufacturing for stock and not per order ensures adequate stock on hand to meet client needs. Brelko will continue fostering success stories and leave a solid imprint of innovation in the industry.
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Brelko Conveyor Products Inc

Brelko Conveyor Products Inc

Boulder Colorado

Brent Weller, PresidentBrelko Inc USA

Brelko has diligently worked in the conveyorindustry creating patented products that can outperform existing solutions.Brelkohave maintained a culture of R&D, aiming to deliver innovative products for clients’ changing demandsbacked by well-trained and equipped service personnel.